After long time: Back to blogger - Important update

Wordpress is awesome,
And I can't neglect that.
I have started my journey with Blogger, So lets take a look after 14-15 month since last update.
First of all it is pretty lonely here, until I saw stats for those two posts.
Burj Khalifa comparison and Mumbai Wallpapers.
Back to 1.5 years, When I created those posts, I was expected to get a traffic from Google... At least for first 2,3 months.
But Now Those posts are ranking at top of the search engine.
Although I am not any benefit from it, but finally I can say that I am getting google love.

So that was past,  But what about future?

To be honest,
I am getting tired of managing hosting and installations + domain and backups restore themes, But the fact is I love them. I love wordpress.
But wait....
Why I am back to blogger?
I feel very secure and positive to be with google.
There webservers, free HTTPS and listing of blogger are the additional reason to attract me.
Although I wont stop on WordPress but, 
Now I want to take blog to the next level.
Over the several years I have learned lot about SEO and writing a post, improving headlines.
I mean look at my past posts... Most of them sucks but its okay.
They always inspire me, and for I am not planning to unpublish them for quite some time.
In future you may not see them but I still want to keep them.

A new Beginning

Anyway as I said, 
I wanted to take this blog to the next level.
I know technically blogger SEO cannot compete with Wordpress SEO but still I am fine.
I will write my mind and heart heart, irrespective of any SEO. But try to do max optimization as possible.

Now I will start focusing on 
Review articles
Tech Articles
and some times affiliate and guide articles.
so basically I am gonna try with these new articles niches and wait for results so that I can go specific.

So Cheers for the new beginning.!