Wiki loves monument 2018 winners announced, Bangladesh rocks the competition!

Waiting, waiting and waiting...
I have been waiting for the results to be announced for 'Wiki Loves Monument 2018' from ages.
Every year we have seen the trend to get the winner announced in less than 1 months, but for 2018 they have take way more time to evaluate the images.

Although the wait was not that much depressive because the results for each country were posted 1 month ago (I have checked on 30 Nov).

Check out the link below for the winners of '2018 version of photography contest by Wikipedia '.

Anyway, that was the waiting part, Let's dig deeper into the results!!!

1)Grand Price Winner.
The first prize go to IRAN for 'Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque'.
For me the first price was quite surprising, because the image itself was quite interesting by the first look and it suddenly caught my attention when I was going through the 'winners by country'.

1st Prize
2) Second Prize
This goes to Jordan, for 'Al-Khaznah at Petra'.
Spectacular capture with the right moments, and natural lights and great use of long exposure.
I was stunned with the perspective, light and the overall image.
There is lot more things we can describer about this image but keeping it short for going through quick results.
2nd Prize
3) Third Prize

Securing the third price UK made to the top 3 list, by providing the spectacular art photo of 'Gloucester Cathedral'
It feels like painting and best use of HDR and perspective has been implemented.

These were the winners but I was eagerly waiting to give some comments to Bangladesh.
Its Unbelievable that 4 images from Bangladesh made to the top 15.
I don't know what magic the Bangladeshi photographers are doing that there images are getting most attention by Judges.
This time also 'Baitul Mukarram Mosque'  becomes the most featured monument of 'Wiki loves monument'
Every year we are seeing this monument making to the top 15 list.
It feels like Bangladesh has the best recipe to top the competition(kidding).
but skills of the photographer and monuments also matters for topping the list and bangladesh is leading in this.
but this doesn't mean other photographers are not up the mark. There are also the great photographers present and I have a great respect for them.

I observed there is no entry on top 15 for India. To be very honest I was not happy with the top 10 entries of the Indian Panel and I was expecting no images from 'Indian' will make to the top 5 or 10.
Although forcefully I was thinking the that this perspective of ' Qutub minar' might do something, but it was not considered as expected.

Anyway 2018 year ends on a good node for the photography.
Eagerly waiting for 2019 version of 'Wiki Loves monuments'.


Note: Image are protected by copyrights of Wikipedia and all the credits belong the them.