Weird Discussion: When does your body stop growing after puberty?

Growth of the body directly relates to our height, but it is not the “only” factor to be considered. Growth of body also relates the growth of internal organs and widening of our body.
So first of all, I will discuss about growth of body from height perspective and after that internal growth will be explained.

So,I was very curious about my height in my early 20’s, and soon started working on it.
But after 6 months infact 1 years I was not able to see any difference in my height.
Does it sucks?
Well, Pretty much yes.
But why?
Because everyone has a same assumption regarding the growth period of height, which is 21 years for male and 18 years for female.
And After that you won’t grow anymore.
But wait, is it compulsory???
Hmm, No.
Then, When does your body stop growing?
If you want a straightforward answer then you already have it.
According to worldwide survey, the growth period of a average man is 21 years and 18 years for women, as I mentioned above.
But If you want a detailed answer about When does your body stop growing “actually” then stay with me.

First thing that you need to know is why our body stops growing?

It is in our genes. If we won’t stop then probably every man on planet will be competing with giraffe. So basically we are genetically programmed to be restricted at certain height.

But what decides our height?
Again genes are the very favorable answer. But let me tell you a secret.

They don’t.
Unless you are doing nothing to improve your height.

Look, I am 173 cm long which is 2 cm less than my father and 20 cm more than my mother.
So it looks like my height is slightly more than average of my parents height. It looks promising on general conception i.e. genes.
Now let me tell you about my general activity in home.
I usually spend tons of time in front of computer, lots of time in the office, and infact 8 years ago I was having a same schedule.
So basically I was having no time to play lots of outdoor games or even not much time to take Vitamin D.
And more or less not having proper knowledge about growth hormone foods and exercises at that time.
Which kept me on average of my parents height.

But I have many friends who surpassed the average of their parents. And on the average node they are 10-11 cm more taller than their parents.

So what made them taller?
Continue participation in sports, Daily running, great exposure to sunlight, stress free life, more sleep and balanced food for proper growth.

So it is upto you, not on genes. I mean just search for the pictures of athletes. Their constant focus in daily engagement gives them a respected height.

But genetic consideration is still important. For example: Height of Indian people are almost same averaging to their parents from centuries.
But the trend is changing from couple of decades. This is because of awareness and modernization in lifestyle.
People are more curious about how they look.

Hmm, So now you know exactly why are you taller or shorter. Because your growth is combination of “what your parents did and what you did”.

Now, you may be curiously wanted to know about internal growth of body.
Well the most important years of growth are 12 years to 16 years. This is the period when your body’s growth is maximum and you will gain the more weight at this time.
Observations says that during this period arms, legs, hand, and feets tends to grow at extreme rate.
This is an average puberty period and generally growth of the penis also stops at this point.
The production of growth hormones starts decreasing after 18 and growth rates decreases drastically.
12 to16 is the period when vocal chords changes dramatically. If it is a man then more base is added to the voice and in the case of female high pitch voice becomes more sharp.
Development of acne starts and excretion of oil from skins increases during this period. Drastic changes in hair and skin color is observed.
So Now, you may understand that after ~17 years, most of the internals stops growing.
But it is not an absolute point of stopping growth of human body.
After this period people grow horizontally resulting in wide chest and shoulders which gives them a more adult look.
For females growth of their body stops 2 to 3 years earlier than men. Since growth rate is maximum while puberty period and in girls it comes at the age of 8 and ends by 13. It means that their growth rates increases at early stage of life and also decreases earlier.

Now you know, When does your body stop growing
But are you satisfied with your current body growth?
May be not, unless you are not a huge muscular guy, or a tall pretty women who has very good past in the terms of genes and nutrition.
Well unless you passed 25, there is still chances of growing your body a little bit more to take a glimpse of a better physique and attractive body.
Because it is never too late.
Infact ending of a growth period is just a number and may be you have a special gene to surpass it.
All the best with your body.