Why Only Pro Bloggers must write about Auto Insurance


As we know goggles AdSense is the very best platform for monetizing our website.

Google pays us money when anyone clicks on our adds which are showing on our blog. There are many features of AdSense but for now I am taking a simple one.
As Google mentioned it’s very expensive AdSense keyword is auto insurance. The adds which are based on auto insurance get almost $40 post per click. You can imagine only one click on the auto insurance add can make handsome money. 

Why pro bloggers can earn smartly on auto insurance niche.

Writing on Auto insurance is the  most competitive task. Because there are million of bloggers like you know that auto Insurance is best for earning . They produce thousand or millions of articles on auto insurance. Now which is the better one? This is decided by the Google. If you rank good in Google than your article is performing good in SERP. 

No for newbie.

If a newbie blogger start a blog from zero to ahead than it will we very tough to rank on auto insurance keyword. Because as usual it my not have the knowledge about the seo. Link building. And all. Although he will produce good article but if he is not going according to seo rule than it will be going to difficult for him to score for auto insurance.

Best for Pro Blogger

A pro bloggers  obviously you have a bunch of great websites with good page rank.  When they will create anew website on keyword than they can link there older website on that new website to get link juice. If thatblogger is mentioning his new website in his old websites then directly the site will Create positive impact on Google. The visitors of old website will come and check the new one.
Indirectly the old websites will do the job of advertiser for new website.
The only idea is to get a few quality visitor quickly. Here what the authority of pro bloggers make them successful. Then automatically the article’s created will going to rank well and the money will be deposited in bank.