How to choose best type of blog for blogging

It is very important to clear about How to choose best type of blog for blogging ?…
Well, before entering into something which is completely strange to us, we must know all of the factors related to it. We must have an idea about how things can take place in future. It is not an easy task to determine how the future will look like where you are entering, Unless you experience that thing. Now how you can get an experience of those thing which you never ever tried before. Well In this condition referring others experience seems to be good idea. Just reading others experience and learning from them may help you for the better future.
Here I am talking about newbie’s in blogging, who has no knowledge about blogging and wants to be aprofessional blogger. I will not say, It is impossible… but it also not a cup of tea. To become a professionalblogger you have to be pay attention on what are you doing. Nothing is impossible in this world. If you are doing something regularly with passion you will definitely going to success in that.
Now, how to choose best type of blog for blogging
how your journey is decided by the type of blog you chose?
For the moment you only have to know is  there are two type of blog in this world. They both do the same job but the results can differ for the owner.
1. One is profitable blog
2. Second one Simple blog.
They both does the same job of spreading the knowledge. But as you can see both blogs has a lot of different. Today’ world is all about money. The one who want it goes with the first one and the one who has it goes with the second. This may be the personal choice of yours that what do you want to choose?
dontt know what  is blog ? This one can help you..
are you problogger? then how can you avoid this
Simple blog:
It is the blog created by the person who only care about the his knowledge and the information. These generally include personal blog, non profitable blog etc. Whatever may the intension of this blog by which it is created but in the end it will not provide us profit.
Simple example: In starting days of blogging people doesn’t know much about the blogging. They simple consider it as the personal space of them where they can write all the necessary information required to them. They may can copy paste material from other website or may create their own material for their own understanding. In actual they have now idea of what they are doing with the blog.
Or the another example is informative blog which are made with only intension of spreading the information, not earning with it. The best example is Wikipedia.  Wikipedia is made with only intension of spreding the information, not with the intension of earning. Then also some other rich person donates few bucks to it for better service.
Profitable blog:
It is created with the intension of spreading the information as well as earning the money with sure from it. The person who creates this types of blog is aware of all the aspects of it or even if not he wishes to learn it. He put lot of effort for making their blog successful. In overall he earn money with that.
So these are the two typical types of blogs with same intension having different result. Now you have to choose which type of blog you want to create?  Whether you want money or  you want to create a blog which will be going to your personal space only..
Well this is the most important decision which you must have to take carefully.
In the end if only your piece of information is matters to you and you don’t want to consider others  thensimply go for simple blog, because you will not have to do much things here. You have to only create a blog write your content and that is.
If spreading the knowledge is matters to you and really you want to come in front of world with the unique content and useful piece of information then go with the second one i.e. profitable blog… Here you to do many things like optimizing your website for search engine result, giving it unique look, using simple language to make things easy to understand, branding of blog, social presence, advertising, earning ideas and much more….
What you choose?? Can you mention it in the comments?
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