3 wired things about videopad editor 2.41

As we all know video pad editor is one of the easiest video software on the internet because anyone can learn it easily within two to three days. All we are familiar with the features of the video pad editor, but today I am going to tell 3 wired features in the video pad editor that you really don’t noticed yet.

1)      When we install the new version of the video pad editor in our pc and after installing when we open it, it will provide the 14 days trial for us. But just stop here, and try to open the files of video pad editor 2.41. When we are connected to internet it will show you it can’t run in windows 8 because it is the version made for the windows 7, then after the disconnecting the internet you can use the application properly.
2)      Not working of the large image: When we put large image of having the 5 to 5 MB , and when we apply different effect on it, even though it preview the images but at the time of playback after saving the movie, it doesn’t play in the vlc media player. It places the bunch of code which becomes nearly impossible for the normal media player for decode it, but the weird thing is, it correctly works in windows media player.

3)      We all know every time when a company release the product , it fixes the bugs of the previous version and gives something extra for the customers, but video pad editor 3.1 is the worst version then its previous one.