USA made this possible...

We know america as the powerful nation who is best in the very field ranging from protection to minute detail faced by the american's and the world. There are several field where USA made the impact on the world and show us that what it do along with its nation and there people of the nation.

The 3 thing which is are dominating in the world are:

1) Google: 

usa made the google
This is the search engine made in america, and today it has no alternative. It is the most visited domain on the internet. Google search is only one part of the google but if we look the google as a company then, they made the internet and the life so techy and simple in every field is mind blowing. They given the most powerful operating system (android) ,Google glass, youtube, and many accessories like google tv, fiber and all. Google map and the earth are the most referred navigation sites on the internet or in the world. The google is greate.

2) Apple:

apple great in usa
While reading this post are you using the apple device? If yes then it will be no amaze of  the popularity of apple devices in the world. Apple is the most professional Company in the world. The way they present them in front of world is considered as the pioneer in the industry. So here also a great company made in America and getting the world piece from the world. Million of the apple devices sold while the launch of them. People make Que to but those devices. The headquarter of the Apple is the most beautiful structure made in the world for the electronic company.

3) Facebook: 

When it comes to making the one thought possible of "connecting the all world with each other" then there is no alternative of the face book. Facebook is the king of the social networking Sites. The potential of the facebook is so high, that people can't stop themself to put their money in any of the social program. Facebook created in USA by the Mark. It is lagging behind the google but then also It has the maximum number of active users through out the world.

When a child will born in future, he will say " hi google I am coming." !

That is why we love USA....