Maharastra Burger! Cheapest Indian burger

                         Cheapest burger In Mumbai

                   When anything comes to food, it gives satisfaction to our stomach and if the dish will like the burger then of course! water start leaking  from everybodeis mouth. The consideration about burger is like  people considers as a junk food and most of the time avoids it. The normal McDonald's Aaloo Tikki burger cost near about 28 rupees per piece, so people refers to eat vada pav instead burger.  So if you are one of them who avoid the burger Due to it is called as junk food, and of a high price as compare to normal burger then, this will make you smile. 

         Recently I found a food shop, named as MAHARASHTRA BURGER. The shop is located in Ghatkopar Station of the Mumbai suburbs, Where we can reach easily by the local train. The shop only 2 mins away from the ghatkopar station. The starting range of the is from 12 rupees, and it taste like must near close to the conventional McDonald Burger. I personally eated it many time, it really tastes very good and you also get it in the cost as low as 12 rupees per piece.

               This is the cheapest burger that I ever saw and eat so if you want to taste of it, then you must go to Ghatkopar and eat it. The same kind of burger is also found on Vidyavihar station but it doesn't taste better than the Ghatkopar one's, and also it cost around 20 rupees. My suggestion go for the Ghatkopar one. And one thing don't think this question in your mind that: "for eating the burger why I should go to Ghatkopar?? And what about overall cost of the burger because you will also going to spend on tickets." so if you are the person passing from the Ghatkopar station then it is recommended to you that just land there and eat this healthy dish. You will definitely love it !!!