Learning Computer graphics !!! INTERESTING


"The most sophisticated and the interesting word in today worlds about the display technology is graphics and its composition."

Starting with the application of Computer graphics:

GAMES: The best example of the computer is games. Games are much attractive now a days. Today's games features very detailed quality of the graphics, video card working behind those games are of larger size measured in Gigabytes. Video games gained more popularity in the field of computer graphics. On earlier days games were made of very low graphic capacity, for running the appropriate game the manual selection of the graphic task was done, in which for running a particular graphic related task graphic card must be set on that setting, so that CG can return the maximum output. 

VIRTUAL WORLD (CAD): Civil, mega structures, automobile, or any type of the construction or production must require CAD now a days. If a person wish to make building or villa with his team workers then he must require the overall design of the thing which are they going to create. Automobile engineers requires CAD for making the car model and test it in the virtual condition to overcome with the design problem and the solution.

MOVIES: The avatar, Avengers are the best example of the complex graphic representation. These movies are fully loaded with the VFX and the animation. For creating VFX movies or the motion picture frame by frame rendering required so that the detailed and the reality can be seen to the public. The benefit of the visual effect are, whatever we create looks realistic and if proper editing has applied on the clips then the every thought can be represented on the screen which comes in the mind of the director.

DIGITAL ART: For creating the graphics or the image the special programs are needed which can modify the real image as well as can be able to create the hole new vector image called as purely generated computer graphic.

In this manner computer graphics are every where around us, to which we touch everyday look everyday and do work on it..
This is the introduction part of the CG, with its few application...