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salman khan new look in kickOn Friday of this week the bolloywood will going to see the the whole new look  of the Salman
Khan in the movies, and definitely this will be the Salman that you will never ever seen before.

On 25 July 2014 this years most awaited movie kick will going to release on the cinemas and the pvr. Few days ago Salman released its trailer in on of the theater because he predicts as a lucky charm for him, and then trailer went viral on you tube upto now its received more the 19 million views and counting very fast.
salman khan in kick new look

stunt in kick, budget salman khan


The budget of the movie is not revealed yet but after looking the trailer it is clear that  the budge will be heavy and much more than we expect. The one reason which makes this movie so costly is the star cast, the Bollywood key people are working on behind this movie and of course this is the Salman movie so the budget will definitely more and more.

helicopter shot in kick, salman khanAs per the trailer and the sources the many parts of the movie is shoot outside the country like Scotland, south Korea and the Glasgow. Overall the movie's effect and the stunts are done so detailed that we can consider it as the world class movie by the Salman Khan. Even though as usual some people will criticize and going to deliver the negative comments but one thing will be common they are also going to watch movie.

Shumona in kick, star cast, funny sceneKick is considered as one of the biggest movie for this year and this will going to invoke the Bollywood which gone in silent in start of this year. People are so excited to watch the movie even though in Mumbai and many places the advance booking were made.

So until now we only came up with the trailer and the shooting place and the star cast of the movie but lets wait for the 25 July 2014 and see what happens in actual with that movie.

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