How to become a perfect photographer?

                                    Unique Photography  

All this start from having the camera

1.Get a camera.

image having low iso 3200
Old one can also do but new one come with modern features. Be careful while taking the camera, its all upto you that what kind of camera you want  so buy according to your consideration and the demand. Try to find out more and more about your camera features so that you can play with variety of the mode and features included in it.The one thing which must be in your camera is , A wider LCD for quick preview, Good shutter speed so that you can take many pictures in fractions of second , if you like night photos than your must buy a camera which has more and more ISO. You must include variety of lenses in your photography pack because taking a specific pictures with suitable result will give you the maximum advantage of the output.  Always try to capture a perfect images because only perfect picture will make you a perfect photographer,isnt it? 

2.What to shoot

wide mountain image with point to shoot cameraThis is the major question among the many photographers, because they get inspire by reading the articles and start walking out side the home along with camera and wastes the full time in what he have to click.Think about the things you have to capture in your camera. Just take a subject and try to stuck with that unless and until you click the best suitable image for that subject. You must give your subject a new dimension of the photography by taking the images in more dynamic and attractive way that anyone would taken before .It will be picture of anything you wanna capture, like it may be of your friends, flowers,kids playing on road,beautiful buildings, mud, a tree, or anything weird that you can imagine..

 3.Posture and angle

Setting a good posture & angle for your imagination.

Posture- It is a thing in which an object lies in its natural position, but we can redefine it and can set a new posture. Object photography doesn't require a good posture because object are still and can't be moved according to our need, so customizable posture is of portrait of humans or living thing to which we can give the instructions.

Angle -It is the most important thing while clicking anything. A some picture can be good or bad after looking the angle by which you clicked that image. A best angle is define the perfect click for your photo, so try to get the best angle of your subject
Half of the picture delivery depend on imagination power, so you must  think in what way the picture will be clicked or created. 
Creation - creativity!...Yes you have to be creative let me tell you why, because nowadays everyone with a camera think he/she is a photographer. so if you have to be different among those, you have to click picture differently thats the creativity. 

blurred background for perfect focused image
Add caption

This is an optional but in natural photography it is also considered as the important factor. Apart from the subject you also check the surrounding of your subject It  should be unique and different all the time. The unique spot and backgrounds make your picture beautiful. For getting the trendsetting images you should go for the places that only few peoples know about ,that will increase the craze of your pictures among peoples. 


timing in the photography demo by watch
IF we are dealing with modeling or any kind of artificial click then this may not be in your priority list but if you are dealing with the natural images or the images of the object which never let us know that what is going to be happen next with it, so in this situation we need the perfect timings of getting the right image of it. Timing creates the magic in pictures. if you wanna be a perfect photographer you should have the art of perfect timing. so you have to practice timing perfection.


You have to be experimental for your picture. Take experiment with your pictures. learn from your mistakes. hand a camera ,click pictures whenever you are going. taking pictures daily will increase your mastery in pictures. take good picture,and become perfect picture. 

best example of Edited image after photography

And last but not least EDITING 

This is the area where every photographer spends more than half of the time of his photography to redefining the shape of his images and providing detail in it.

That is how the photographer made armature to professional ... 

                                                                   -an artical by MARQ & BHIM CHAWHAN