It is the most hot question by the students, choosing which one will going to benefit them??

Its all start from your likes and the childhood that what you always wanted to become or which are things you like like being practical with the things making somethings which will change the world or adopt the world. I am talking about your way of thing toward these both field. If I declare that ENGINEERING is the best than it will not be the right decision, even if, it will be for me only.
So if you are a person and like to be a computer programmer or anything wired related to the computer in the less budget then you must go withe BSCIT. otherwise go with engg.

The turning point is the study of HSC, this decides where we will go finally. As per the prediction if a student scores the less mark then he will go for the BSCIT and high scoring mark student defiantly go with the Engg.
The question arises why such things takes place?? If a person want to go to bscit then he must go for it, after looking the marks and then going for the Carrier choosing doesn't makes a good decision, it happens when the economic condition is not good, but  I have seen many students having the good economic support, choosing the bscit and after asking them the answer is " I don't know what to do so finally I came here." comes.

If a person wants to join bscit then with no dout just go for it. If you are less understanding person and find difficulty to understand anything quickly then engg. will be not useful for you, because there things takes place more quickly and in professional.
We can compare both the fields only on the basis of the users or the student wish and the things required by the student. and it also on the student that what he/ she want to take.