Top 3 google+ Addiction

Best  features on google+ !!!

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Google + top 3 features, facebook killer.

Plus google, the social networking site made  by the search engine company google is getting good response from  the users due to its facebook killer features which you will never find in facebook at all.

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You might be tried my times to get an information about your profile, that who looked your profile and how many people actually watched it, so with the help of this you come to know how much popular you are in your friend circle.... So after trying so many things you never ever found any things which can able to show your expectation detail of your profile on facebook...
But is it true with google? Yes! We can see the view count of our profile that how many times our profile get hit by the audience and our friends which helps to determine us our popularity...

Short animation video/image

If you are not much popular on facebook then how many people looks the videos uploaded by you... the answer is nobody, and the explanation is only just because they don't know about you and your video so they thinks that leave it, why to watch that lets see any another post... so they even don't hit ok to play because the consideration of the video is like very lengthy... so that's they dont interested at all...
But opposite of facebook the google+ offers the animated video which show your video to your circle without any hit and also gets an attention toward your animated things running on their news feed without their click... so in overall the google+ given the best feature to it

No more blocks by friends request

Many people on facebook get blocked because of the excessive  friend request and they stuck into the ban.
But in google+ we can add as many people as possible. no more blockage, because their is no friend request to suck... just follow and the get the news... and if we want to chat then quickly just hangout with them...