Good post writing method.

Hello bloggers..
Did you ever heard about
I am now bored writing 10 post everyday
when ever I review all the post then i dont find them very attractive that the reader should attract toward it.
sometimes on bubblews I found very interesting post
having very great appeal to the world
some stories are also great in writing
putting great vocabulary is the most
important in writing any description
here are the some ways for writing the good post
decide the best point to start up writing without any further modification
make the story of it it is very imp. that our ideas
are putted in very ideal manner
then arrange all the main topic under the main index of thought
putting vocabulary is also the mip thing in writing
the best way to present anything is putting images on that post
then as per rule describe the link to it
summurise it look overall text modify it and then submit
then see the output in the form of likes and comments