MIUI 8 features update and release date: Redmi 2, MI, redmi note 3

Are you eagerly waiting for MIUI 8 update?
Because I am also waiting for it since last 4 month. Xiomi promised to release it in 5 August, which never occoured.
So what is the next date?
23rd August

Xiomi promised to roll out the update for most of his devices on this day.
I Hope I will get an update soon.
But What will be the new Features in MIUI 8.
Below I will put a link to a video explaining about new MIUI 8 features

MIUI 8 new Features: Complete list

1) MIUI 8 new feature for Lock screen:

Wallpaper suggestion based on interest.

2) MIUI 8 new Feature regarding look and feel

Icons are changed at the larger extent, and notification is also improved and now it looks like notification bar of Samsung mobiles and more colors are added to the surface to give vibrant look to the UI.

3) MIUI 8 new feature for Screenshot

Now you can share your screen shot faster than any device. Additionally, you can preview it on upper right corner of the screen as you take a screenshot. Tap on it and there will be plenty of share options available under your thumb.

4) MIUI 8 new Feature update for Albums

Sharing albums on new MIUI 8 will be faster and easier. A new look to albums are given which looks stunning on large devices

5) MIUI 8 new Feature update for Photo and video Editor

I love Xiomi because it eliminates the use of third party apps at larger extent. I mean look at the lock app feature, Cleaning RAM, optimizing mobile, displaying internet speed stats and now new Video and photo editor

7)  MIUI 8 new feature regarding cloning app

Now you can clone your app, means you can use two version of any android app. like running two version of WhatsApp, snap chat on one device.
Look again, here as well they have reduced to the pain of downloading parallel space for extra background app load.
I love Xiomi

8) MIUI 8 new feature for Cloning your android

This basically means running two android back to back.
It enables to clone the entire new android and performs clean duplication of all the features available in your android.
You can set the total new password and pins for new cloned android.

9) MIUI 8 new Feature introducing Touch assistant

Do you remember the home button app, this is more or less is like that only with more beautiful looks and more customized features.
Basically, it is small floating button with tons of shortcuts and features which comes handy when you have a large display device.

10) MIUI 8 new Feature update for Volume controls change:

c4etech says it is his favorite feature update in MIUI 8. Although for me it is a very minor change since I usually never touch the volume rocker for doing settings and all.

11) MIUI 8 new Feature update for Camera app

Now you aren't able to use filter by swiping the screen because now they are available at bottom the bottom of the camera app.
More filters are added. And few buttons are moved to the top left corner so basically, you have to utilize both the hand while doing long time photography. And these new updates bests suit on those use landscape more on camera for longer shoots.(which are basically few peoples)
My personal favorite update for the camera filters on video.
Now I don't have to edit video for simple modification like making video black and white.
Now I simply use the filter and shoot the video.

So these are the new MIUI 8 features which are majorly visible.
Of course, there will be more updates regarding security and kernel level.
and most favorite quadrooter fix.
I hope I will get rid of that 4 valunerbality which is showed in quadrooter scanner.

See you.