List of all High End games supported by Micromax Android one

As the new Android one devices launched in India, The controvercy started regarding the performance of it. The most common question is asked among the audience of India is "Will this device can support the high end games in the market?" No response is came from the officials about the gaming performance of the device....

Although I started finding the answer of this question by doing personal test with it.

"which are the games are supported by the android one?"

Here I will list some of the games  performing well and having bulkier graphic.

Injustice (1.5 GB): Everyone knows injustice is the well known for its special effect of its character. The rendering can be complicated while running this game in low end devices. In some low devices of samsung and motorola the game did not run well. It was like taking lots of time to load, and even after loading the games no worth of it, The game runs with gliche. In Micromax,spice,or karbon android one it runs like a creampie. The performance is like seen on other high end devices.

Asphlat 8 (~1.5GB): When I started downloading it, I though will it going to run? After completing the download I installed it. The game installed in within 30 seconds. After installing the game it took almost 1 min to get into the tracks. Even when we run that game for the first time it will run awesome. After launching the games 2 to 3 times the caches are stored which also helps the games to run smother.

Subway Surfer(~60 MB):

Although it is very low size game but at the time of running many of the devices fail to run smoothly in it. I installed subway surfer in almost 100 of samsung, micromax,karbon etc devices having the price range of 7000 to 8000. With the expectation of running, I got nothing in return expect total time waste.The game not at all able to run smoothly in many of the devices. But The All new android one devices are capable to run it.

FIFA14(~1.7 GB): OMG,   Can you believe it. Fifa2014, the most anticipated game of the year is run on the New micromax canvas one or the other Android one devices Smoothly. The Putting the graphics on medium gives the best output. High graphics may cause the device to heating up but it happens only when we plugged into charging which is obvious.

CRS RACING: The only games which took more than 5 min to load and even after loading not able to run was CRS Racing. I installed the game with lots of excitement but all the joy behind it went to water.

But Then also I can give 9/10 .   I also not interested in buying the low end devices for the gaming purposes but Android one devices changes the definition of the low end devices. Now I am waiting for the Samsung version of the Android one, and also HTC because they may have the better camera than these android one devies launched by the Google in India.