Eiffel Tower vs Burj Khalifa (Viral comparison!!! )

                              Eiffel Tower     Burj Khalifa

Height:                    ~300m                              ~828m
Location:                 France                               Dubai
Opened on:             1889                                  2010
Type:                       Tower                               Sky scrapper 

As you can see from the stats, Both the structures have the unique identity and the specification.

Eiffel Tower is one of the most popular tower in the world, almost every people living in the west countries has visited at once. Eiffel Tower is also mentioned in many of the movies, many of the hollywood stunts, comedy and romance scence are filmed here. 
On the Other hand Burj Khalifa is exposed few years ago in the front of world. From the opening day itself, this skyscraper gone viral in the world, It is one of its kind of structure constructed in the world. The height, the design and the location all things makes It also the unique Construction in the world.

If we talk about popularity of both the structures then Eiffel tower wins the race from some points, It doesn't mean that No one knows  the Burj Khalifa. But then also Eiffel is far far older than the Khalifa. Eiffel tower is known to almost 3 generation of the people living in the france. Eiffel Tower seen the many good time and the bad time of the people and the france also. Emotions of the people are attached with the Eiffel Tower. The one structure to whom almost everybody loves in the world will be always memorable to us.
Burj Khalifa on the other hand started attracting the modern Herritage toward it. As the days are increasing the more and more people willing to see the Longest structure in the world.

Many of the people who seen Burj Khalifa and the Eiffel Tower ,They react like
for Burj Khalifa- It is like the huge massive structure in world , i have never ever seen any thing like this, awesom, miracle of enginnering, modern age and son on.

 for Eiffel Tower:- I love this, memory of the past, Great history, old days, fun and the moments spent here. I will never ever forget and so on. 

This show that Burj Khalifa is started the attracting the people but they love only its specification many few of the people mention themselves like they love the burj Khalifa or it is touched to heart.

But The Eiffel tower is loved by most of the person in the world, almost every country knows about it, It is the thing which is directly related to people heart. People come here not to see the structure, They come here to see the love hidden behind the Eiffel Tower. 

But in the End-- still  They don't have any comparison because both are unique to them.