Caution !!! Don't leave the use of blogger even if you are using wordpress..

After moving to self hosted WordPress  I almost leaved giving attention to this blog. Even though I started from blogger but now WordPress is giving me more flexibility than blogger. The one thing which I am missing in the WordPress is blogger like stats. The way blogger give the stats about our website or blog is awesome and still there is no comparison of it.Few months ago i started a new blog and I also started learning more about WordPress. 
Today I want to tell about why you must not leave using the old blogger even if you got the self hosted website OR CMS.Whenever we start a new blog the most and the most thing is managing the few days of starting and the person who faces it well definitely he gets the success, but then how to manage starting few days of blogging  on the self hosted Website.

Things you must know:

Whenever we start creating a new blog as a new blogger everything looks like new and unknown and we slowly starts exploring that thing and bu the time we come to know about the whole picture.We fears taking any of the action because we thinks that is it going to hurt my ranking in the google or something like that so in general either we starts taking precaution so much or we do many of the mistakes. The results can be different for both the cases. But remember one thing there is much more we can do with our old native free hosted platforms like blogger or weebly. There we are free to experiment with any thing and this is our first positive point.

Don't underestimate the power of SEO optimized blogger or weelby. 

Many of people talks bad about SEO of the blogger or the weebly or the free wordpress because they say it is not well optimized for SEO. But I want to tell you one thing is completely wrong for the beginners. The reason behind this is a person who comes new in the blogging field actually doesn't knows much more about the SEO or the content optimization and in that case Blogger and Weebly inbuilt features helps lot to them. 
Ex: If we write a content in new self hosted blog then without optimization it takes much more time to index by the google and then our content comes in the world of google search where it can be bought by the google for that specific query. But In free hosting platforms this job is done automatically done by the system made by the platforms. 

High speed access of website ( low loading time):

Getting hosted by the google who has the billions or may be trillion bytes of bandwidth is awesome. The blogger is adapted by the google and then definitely google sends much more in servers of the blogger so you can get faster loading time for your website it means that you will not punished by the google having slow loading time. If you are writing the good content then definitely you will appear in search engines higher.

Free to do experiments:

As is said earlier you are almost free to do the experiments on these services. If you are learning from them and doing the wrong things but also getting the correct things, then definitely you are free to do the mistakes because the humans lean from the mistake and of course we the humans, isn't it?

So that's why don't leave the blogger of any of the platform similar to it.