Watching the movies can be the great experience !!!

 At the end of the weekdays you always prefer to go to the movies which ever it may be…

Watching the movies great experience

Watching the movies with the loved one or the friends can be the great experience.  Few years ago a movie released called 'Avatar', the great movie directed by the James Cameroon. We decided to go for watching the movie, my group didn't understand the movie quite well but the fun we done there is unbelievable. On every single line of the dialog they suppose to make their own version and delivering to us and after hearing those dubbed dialog by the friends and the group which comes, we can’t control it. This was the little experience of mine while watching the movie.

                           Different people go for different purpose for watching the movie, some people enjoy them and some people starts criticizing. And in the end all goes fine like the movie.


If I talk about Bollywood, then what are the things which makes us happy while watching the movie and after watching the movie. The two things which I realize is- always having the ending with all this fine and second one is always the hero is winning. These are the things demanded by the Indian public.

            In between the movies especially when it is suspense movie then our craze excites toward the movie and we start watching them more carefully. After getting the suspense over then the air comes from our mouth like OH SHIT!! Or like YEAH! That is the way the craze of the movies expressed by us !

In Bollywood for putting the more chili and the spice they have created something called as the song and dance. In Hollywood movies the songs and dances are done very rarely in the movie, but in Bollywood they can’t miss the movie without the song. Songs are the major part of the movie, and it also helps the movie to promote before the launch…. Most of the songs go hit and sung by majority of the youth.
Watching the movie great experience

                              Comedy movies are like box of laugh, either it goes flop or goes super hit. When movie include some sensible jokes which can be shared in the public, then we can simply say that the movie is good because the writer or may be director used their much common sense while creating the movie. Laughing is the very tough task and very few one has ability of doing that thing. Making some one happy who is sitting in very sad, is a very though, and when some jokes which made that person laugh at that times all we can say that watching the movies is the great experience.