3 most waited movies of the year, Must watch !

After the huge success of Hollywood movies around the world, the expectation became double from the second quarter of the year. The first quarter given 4 hits As Amazing spiderman 2, Captain America, x-man and the Godzilla. This made the revenue quite high for the producers, they earned million by those by movies, now the turn of billion will start from few days.

Now the time came for listing of the 3 most popular awaited moives of the year.

1) Transformer: Age of extension- 
Transformer: the age of extension on blog This is the movie, must be waited by half of the glob whoever the lover of auto-bots and the robotics.
 After the three successful series the Michel bay given the most awaited movie on the screen. The movie got the mixed review but when it comes to earning then it is the highest earning of the year until now.

2) The Expandable 3:

 Just imagine can you wait for the Sylvestor stellon movie? But you have to wait for 2 more days. The movie got the leak on the internet. It hitted the million of the download within the three days. Then also it is officially in the queue of the release. The movie features many of the pioneers of the hollywood Industry.  The previous two sessions was quite popular among the youth, and also got the positive feedback from the audience. Now the clear eyes on the this version of the Expandable that what are they going to do now?? 
Visit to your nearest cinemas for seeing the movie, instead watching the pirated one :-)

expandables on bhimchauhan blog

3) Lucy:

Earlier of the year this was not expected to be in list, but after its first launch of the trailer the people became the fan of lucy.  The movie is about customizing the power of the brain and the waiting for the result.

lucy movie on the bhim chauahn blogScarlett Johansson  is well know for the Marvel movies like iron man 2 and 3 also captain America. But this will the stand alone movie by her on the hollywood where she will not get the support of any iron man. So how she will face the problem, just see the movie after its release.  This came in the list of most awaited movie of 2 nd quarter because reviews started increasing the day by day about this movie.

So this is the top 3 list of the movies which are going to release soon this year.