That is how americans people are...


               5 hidden things about American people !!

Americans are the most widely talked person among the world and also well know for there better  sense of humor. The one common thing which units all american's is itself the AMERICA. On the name of there country public ready to secrifies anything what they have with them. If you not observed these things in real then for the reference there are lots of movies released where the nature of the Americans are shown very well. The movies like Judgement day, purl harbor, and all where people agreed to die for the name of nation. Well this is about movies but in real same kind of courage and the inspiration is there in every Americans heart for his nation. 

             Apart from the nationalism,

  1.  They are also belong to the country where the most advanced technologies used for the well being of the humans. 
  2. They are the most protected persons in the world then any country. 
  3. American always first comes up with the new technology which turn the way of using electronical or logical devices. 
  4. America is well know for its power in front of world so there public feel proud about having the part of most powerful country in the world. 
  5.  In almost every field american's initializes everything, they have highest no of patents in the world 

                    This all happens because they have the POSITIVE ATTITUDE of themselves and all the good things which can happen with them. 

So that is how the american's are, isn't it ??