Top onlineTyping test and websites which can increase you typing speed

Increase your typing speed upto 100 wpm

Everybody might used the typing master pro at their home for boosting the typing speed, but for getting the typing master pro cost little bit, but here is a free version.
So after completing all the lesson in the typing master pro do you tried any new typing source where you can sharpen your skills
Now i will list few must try software's and the websites that you must try or visit to increase your typing speed..


It is the best alternative for the Typing master pro.This is created by the Famous software making company NHC. In this software you will get the best animated interface of the keyboard which animates or responds as we type anything by our fingers.
This includes the modern typing analysis technique and the statics of the human word recognition. They made their exercise in a way that after doing the test our finger responds 80% accurately at the moment of typing anything.

2) 10fastfingers.
This is a website available online for the world wide community. They gives us only one minute to type anything, in those one minutes we have to type as much as we want accurately.
For free members they gives normal test which doesn't include any type of symbol or anything, just simple plane text.
The other type is advance mode, which gives some tricky lesson and also the mind blowing practice to our hand.

3) Alpha-typing test
I personally recommend to use this website because they gives the complete exercise list and the typing competition. They made their complete login user based and also according to the skill level if the user exercise. If we are really adventures about typing then after working near about 4-5 hours in one day we can complete all the tutorials made by them.

4) onlinetest
This is also one of the best and high ranked website in its category.
They are equipped with 2-3-5-10 minutes test. In this website the paragraphs are really very tricky to type.
They provide us the free tutorial and exercise along with the mistakes that you are repeatedly making ..

So If you refer all of these websites and the software's in your typing campaign then definitely your speed will going to increase upto 100 wpm