Creating Identity card- step by step

Creating id card for company

If you are working in any organization or studying in any college or an university you must wear Identity card.
It shows your details to other familiar members. Have you ever looked the format of the Identity card???
suppose if you got a job of creating an layout of an id card to which hundreds of people are going to wear, so what will you do????

This is what you are going to do...
Follow these simple steps and get ready go job done..
1) A computer.
2) graphic programm ( pix builder studio- light weight programm ) 
3) details (if you are doing instant making) 

Step 1:- Decide which type of card your admins are demanding
             Landscape or portrait 
Step 2:-Open the pix builder studio, if never installed click on the link to get step by step installation guide of              pix builder studio
Step 3: The basic thing in vertical Identity card is giving the slim and the dynamic look without using any                      vibrant color. We can achive this by using high contrast color and the low contrast color side by side
Step 4: An id must consist of name, DOB,address, organization logo, contact, sign, and the very important 
           photo (passport size)
Step 5: After opening the pixbuilder go to open and select new.
           this will prompt to the wizard of asking the size of the layout or the image, so first select the size                    scale pixels(default by inches). and then Y scale must be 600 and the x scale will be 952 pix.
          This gives the standard and the professional size to our id card.
Step 6: Then according to the design you want or pre-made on the book,apply on it on the software.
            In this case if you know editing then you can do it easily but if you want to learn basic editing then                 must follow the link..
Step 7: Save the work in both .pbs and .jpeg and take the prints...

Enjoy for more detailed guide click here