Youtube hover preview- play video on thumbnail with mouse hover: its official no javascript or extention

Its 29 Aug 10 PM in the clock! which made me surprised to see when I opened youtube and thumbnail start playing.
Pretty cool huh!!!
Well youtube is continuously improving the youtube layout, and now the preview thumbnail is the latest one.
They have introduced a playing thumbnail on any video which will give a preview of a video.

Not to mention but I have seen that feature on where po*n videos starts playing as I touch the thumbnail of video or hover the mouse over it.

Well it seems pretty interesting to wait and see how more Google can go improving youtube.

Last time when I have checked the Alexa ranking of Google, facebook and youtube, at that time Facebook was at 2nd worldwide rank but now Youtube holds that position.

There is already a war is going between facebook and youtube video play services. At one side the social network giant is continuously improving the video content playback, I mean just look at me. Now I spend quite a more time watching video on facebook, thanks to its suggestion and auto play which makes me stuck to facebook like a glue.

But frankly saying facebook is not a platform if you want to see specific video. I mean just look tha the youtube- the 2nd largest search engine. You cant get anything better than it for seeing your choice of video, at least not in India where people want to watch free content more rather that paying more bucks to netflix. 

Overall, we are seeing improvements in youtube service. And worth to mention the new youtube red subscription.
I mean $10 a month and free from all the advertisement. I am sure content creators won't love it so much but it is pretty interesting for viewers.

Talking again regarding Youtube hover preview or Youtube playing thumbnail, looks very interesting to see that feature. At least now you can get a preview of few videos without opening of it. Very useful when you see any movies which claims to have a full movie in it but as you open it you realize that you have wasted your couple of Mbs already and video says link in the description for total 2 hours. 
I mean that sucks.
Youtube hover preview is not included in youtube app as I said earlier but I am interesting to know how thumbnail will react when you hover S pen over it.
Or a 3d touch from iphone. So these are things which may be quite interesting to watch in future.

Youtube hover preview
Playing thumbnail on youtube
youtube thumbnail playing on mouse hover