What to do in boring time???

The best way to utilize free time!!!

Everyone hates the vacations and the Sunday at least majority of the people do this, the reason behind this is that they don't know how to utilize the free time and how to get the maximum advantage of it.

1) For our goodness first make the to do list and also you can make the plan of you want to do and according to that how much time you have.

2) "The free mind is place is the house of ghost" is the famous tell. so never make your mind free , atvleast think something weather it is wierdd or what ever but just don't stop thinking 

3) Read the stories book which you ever wanted to read on your childhood but didn't read because of lake of time

4) Go for temple and sit there this will make your mind extra stable.

5) Hang out with friends so that you can be social and never feel board.

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7) The best thing is, if you are an average person and looking for earn some money online than do the blogging or the online business.

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+younes slaoui